Monday, August 29, 2011

DINAR RV - Commentary from Freeway Bill

We have been riding along lately with this sense of hopefulness and insecurity of what is going on with the IQD RV. We hear that the RV was attempted and failed and then attempted again and went through the next morning. Now we are waiting to see what happens and when. Right? In the meantime, we go from day to day telling ourselves just to tend to our other day to day business and it will come when we least expect, all the while expecting it every day. Right?

Well as I always have said that we must be patient. The blessing is indeed coming and come it will and very soon. Now WHEN IS VERY SOON? Well, let's see ..... June 30 was the drop dead date and $5.25 to the GBP was the rate and that came and went without our bank accounts changing. Then a few weeks went by and we had another date with a $ 4.40 rate that would come .... but it came and went and our bank accounts did not change.

So, we sit here on August 28, the very day that they said could not go by without an RV and unless something happened and nobody told us, our bank accounts have not changed. We get little tidbits of "WE ARE IN THE BEST PLACE WE COULD BE RIGHT NOW"... I totally disagree and so do you. The best place we could be is sitting, relaxed with a bank account full of money and all of this behind us. So does this mean we are not in great shape? No, actually we are in excellent shape if we are holding dinar.

Let me give you a few things that have changed this event dramatically.... The US had a great rate negotiated and all eyes were looking at the same target and then we (the US) got a little greedy. We decided that if a little bit was good, a whole lot more would be better, so we stopped the designated event date and tried to renegotiate a better deal for us. At the same time, our own finances was going down the toilet and our country was becoming divided about the debt ceiling issues. The Republicans were standing firm that we could not raise the debt ceiling unless we agreed to cut spending of an equal or greater amount and the President ( not necessarily the Democratic Party ) was insistent that this was just not going to fly. It was his way or the highway and the default would happen. The Republicans did not bite and they (The Obama administration) eventually embarrassed our entire population by publicly airing our dirty laundry throughout the world
with having a make shift bill passed, a SUPER CONGRESS to be put in place and our credit rating falling lower than ever in history. Now we have this problem that without the Global Settlement, which Obama has been quoted as saying he would not sign as long as he was President, needing to be signed and implemented in order to fund the cash in process.

Well, doesn't that just want you to go out and celebrate? We are not only letting a congress and senate that cannot pull off an agreement without a dominating President stomping it in the ground, run our country, but we have to tell the entire World how ignorant we actually are.

Well the RV CAN and WILL HAPPEN because the IMF and IRAQ has had enough! The US cannot run the world into the ground along with our own financial stability or lack of! So, with that, RELAX, it is coming and they have already figured out how to fund this without the cooperation of the US. So, don't worry about the US as we can ban together and change all of this next election. The matter at hand will also take care of itself. The RV will go, you will get your blessing..... Time is of the essence and they know it.

GOD is carrying those who are struggling right now waiting on this to happen. He always does. Keep your eyes on the Lord, he will Safely SEE YOU THROUGH.

Until then,




  1. Thank you for the much needed positive words. Keep your eyes on the Lord & He will rain down many blessings

  2. The RVing of many countries currency, including Iraqi Dinar, signals the start of the new precious metals-backed treasury banking system, so in order for this new and improved banking system to come on line, certain things need to happen first. All the corrupt politicians and bankers must be eliminated. Right now, the Federal Reserve is the main obstacle standing in the way of the new banking system. So, what needs to be done to remove that obstacle? The obvious answer is to release the prosperity program ‘trigger packs.’ This would accomplish the goal of removing all the people-of-the-dark-agenda from power, with the mass arrests, and eliminating the Federal Reserve and the IRS.

    Next, a lot of the countries need some financial backing before their currency can be revaluated. The Global Settlements will accomplish that goal and as you all should know by now, Obama has repeatedly said he will not allow the release of that money as long as he remains in a position of power. So, how do we remove Obama from Power? That would be the release of the prosperity program ‘trigger packs.’ After the Global Settlements are made, then the RVs can happen using the new banking system and without any interference from the corrupt politicians and bankers.

    So, to me, it looks as if the ‘trigger packs’ need to be released first, then the Global Settlements need to be paid before any RVs can happen.

    If, for some reason, the RV does happens first, then how long do you think that these newly-made millionaires will be allowed to hang on to their new-found wealth? These corrupt bankers and politicians will illegally empty their accounts in the blink of an eye.

  3. hi i need to get in touch with freeway Bill how can i get to that?